Seasonal crafts

Seasonal Crafts

Mosaic Clay Pot


  • Small clay pot
  • Glue
  • Different colored stones, chips or tiles found at most craft stores.


1. Decide on the layout of the stones prior to applying the glue.

2. Working in small areas at a time, apply glue, then stones to the pot.

4. Continue until the entire pot is covered.

Child’s Bracelet


  • Small diameter elastic cord
  • Star shaped beads or any other shape you would like.


1. Wrap the elastic cord around the child’s wrist to determine the amount needed.

2. Thread the beads onto the elastic cord.

3. Tie the two ends together


Fall picture


  • construction paper
  • pine cones, leaves or sticks
  • glue
  • crayons
  • a little imagination


1. Go out on a nature walk and gather all sorts of small items for your picture.

2. Draw a picture of a tree with a crayon.

3. Glue on leaves, sticks and small pine cones/seeds to your picture.

4. Decorate the rest of the paper with the crayons.

5. Sprinkle a little glue and glitter to the finished product for a glimmering effect.

Use different shaped leaves and sticks to make people. You might want to make your family. Glue on small google eyes on the face and use glitter glue for the other features.

Wind Sock


  • Sheet of foam
  • 4 pieces of string/cord
  • Streamers
  • Decorating materials


1. Shape the foam into a long oval shape and glue along the length of the foam. Use small clamps to hold together until dry.

2. Using a hold punch, make a hole in all four corners at the top.

3. Knot the string and pull a piece of string through each hole. Glue the knot to the inside of the windsock.

4. Tie all ends together in a slip knot for hanging.

5. On the bottom, glue several streamers to the foam.

6. Decorate with foam cutouts and felt for a spring theme.