Pom poms

Pom Pom Crafts

Pom-Pom Rabbit


  • 2-large tan pom-poms for the body
  • 1-medium tan pom-pom for the face
  • 1-medium tan pom-pom for the tail
  • 2-small pink pom-pom for the cheeks
  • 1-tiny pink pom-pom for the nose
  • 1 small piece of white felt for the teeth
  • 2-wiggle eyes
  • 2-pink bump chenille for the ears
  • 1-round wood piece


1. For the face take the medium tan pom-pom and the 2 small pink pom-poms and glue the cheeks side by side to the bottom of the large pom-pom.

2. Cutout a small square from the white felt and cut a small slit from the bottom to the middle to give the appearance of two teeth. Glue this slightly behind and at the bottom of the cheeks.

3. Glue the tiny pom-pom for the nose directly above the cheeks.

4. Glue the wiggle eyes above the nose.

5. Cut a small piece of the chenille for the ears and glue in place.

6. Glue the two large pom-poms together for the body (side by side) and then glue to the wood piece so the rabbit will sit in place.

7. Glue the tail on to the back pom-pom.

8. Glue the head on top of the body.


Pom-Pom Heart


  • 3-medium sized red pom-pom’s
  • Red felt
  • 2-tooth picks
  • Oval wood piece


1. Glue the three pom-pom’s together and shape into a heart.

2. Cut the pointed ends off of the toothpicks and paint them brown.

3. Cutout a felt arrowhead and tail to add to the arrow.

4.Glue the arrowhead to the topof one toothpick and the tail to the bottom of the toothpick.

5. Glue the toothpicks to the sides of the oval wood and glue the heart over top. The toothpicks should be partially showing.

6. Once it has dried, attach a magnet to the back of the oval wood.

Pom-Pom Worm


  • 2-dark green pom-pom for the body
  • 2-light green pom-poms for the body
  • 2-medium sized dark green pom-poms for the head
  • 2-small dark green pom-poms
  • Red felt for the mouth
  • 2-small wiggle eyes
  • 1-black bead for the nose


1. Glue one wiggle eye to each small dark green pom-pom.

2. Cut a round piece of felt and fold in half. Glue one medium, dark green pom-pom to the top and the other pom-pom to the bottom of the folded felt.

3. Glue the small pom-pom, with the wiggle eyes, to the top pom-pom for the eyes.

4. Glue the black bead below the eyes for a nose.

5. Glue the light green pom-pom to the head and alternate colors until you reach the end.