Halloween Crafts



  •  1-medium white pom-pom
  • 2-small white pom-pom
  • White chenille
    Black felt
  • 2 black beads
  • Flat round wood shape


1. Cut a small piece from the black felt for the mouth and fold in half.  Glue to the bottom of the large pom-pom and to the top of the small pom-pom to assemble the head with the jaw.

2. Cutout a small triangular piece from the felt to make the nose and glue on to the large pom-pom above the mouth.

3. To make teeth cut a small piece of chenille and glue to the inside of the mouth.

4. Glue on the black beads for eyes and assemble above the nose.

5. Cut a piece of chenille for the back

6. Cut a piece of chenille for the entire length of arms, fingertips of left hand to fingertip of the right hand. Keeping the middle of this chenille straight, bend the chenille at each end to form the arms.

7. Glue this chenille to the back of the spine.

8. Repeat the same process to form the legs but glue the legs on in front of the spine.

9. Glue the head on at the top and a small pom-pom at the bottom.

10. For the ribs cut 3 small pieces of chenille and round them until they almost touch end to end.

11.Glue the ribs at the top of the skeletons back; all 3 in a row.

12. Now glue the skeleton to the wood piece to stand.

Wind Sock


  • Sheet of foam
  • 4 pieces of string/cord
  • Streamers
  • Decorating materials


1. Shape the foam into a long oval shape and glue along the length of the foam. Use small clamps to hold together until dry.

2. Using a hold punch, make a hole in all four corners at the top.

3. Knot the string and pull a piece of string through each hole. Glue the knot to the inside of the windsock.

4. Tie all ends together in a slip knot for hanging.

5. On the bottom, glue several streamers to the foam.

6. Decorate with foam cutouts and felt for a Halloween theme.

Foam Pumpkin Door Hanger


  • 2 large orange circles
  • 1 piece of black foam to
  • cutout the pumpkin’s face
  • 1 piece of brown foam for the stem
  • 1 piece of green foam for the leaves
  • 1 piece of cord to hang project


1. Cut one of the orange circles in half and glue each halves on opposite sides of the circle. Should be extending past the edge of the large circle on the sides to give dimension.

2. Cutout shapes from the black foam for the face of the pumpkin and glue in place.

3. Cutout a rectangular shape for the stem of the pumpkin and glue to the backing of the large pumpkin.

4. Cutout triangular shapes for the leaves and glue to the back of the pumpkin.

5. Punch out holes near the top of the pumpkin with a puncher and thread the cord through the holes. Be sure to knot the ends of the tread and glue in place at the back of the pumpkin.

6. Hang on your door for all your guests to see.