Easter Crafts

Clay Easter Egg Magnets


  • Clay
  • Paint
  • Glitter
  • Markers
  • Magnets


1. Mold the clay to an oval shape, flatten the backside, and smooth out any lines.

2. Once hard, paint and decorate.

3. Glue a magnet to the flat side of the egg and display your project on your refrigerator.

Hatching Chick.


  • Half of a plastic Easter egg
  • Artificial grass
  • Medium yellow pom-pom
  • Small yellow pom-pom
  • Black bead eyes
  • Small piece of orange construction paper


1. Glue the artificial grass into the inside of the artificial egg and extend it up and out.

2. Glue the medium size pom-pom on top of the grass in the egg.

3. Cut a small square of orange construction paper, fold in half and glue to the small pom-pom for the beak.

4. Glue the bead eyes on the small pom-pom above the orange beak.

5. Glue the small pom-pom on top of the large pom-pom and allow to dry.

Paper Mache Easter Egg.


  • Small blown up balloon
  • Flour and water for paper mache recipe
  • Newspaper
  • Paint and glitter for decorating


1. Make the paper mache recipe as instructed and paper crafts

2. Cut up strips of newspaper approx. 3/4 inch.

3. With the balloon blown to the size of an egg, dip the newspaper into the paper mache
and cover the balloon. Be sure the newspaper is laying flat against the balloon.

4. Allow the paper mache to dry overnight.

5. Apply a coating of white paint on the entire balloon to hide the newspaper before decorating.

6. Now it is time to decorate as you wish with paint and glitter.

**You can also used a plastic Easter egg instead of a balloon.


Eggshell Mosaic Picture


  • Construction paper
  • Broken up colored Easter egg shells
  • Glue


1. Draw a picture on the construction paper

2. Apply glue to the inside of the drawn picture and lay all the different colored eggshells on the glue.

3. Decorate, as you like.